February 2015 1-11 Rehearsals Gynoïdes at DOCH, Stockholm 12 Gynoïdes 11.00 at SUBCASE, Subtopia, Stockholm 12 Cirkus Cirkör Event at … Continue Reading

Kirkas Kabali Show Modiine Cirque Festival 12-14 Oktober shows at 11:00 and 16:00

Samstag, 18. Oktober / 20:00 / ewz-Unterwerk Selnau LA FILLE SUR LE PONT MIT ZIRKUSPERFORMANCE VON SABINE SCHINDLER Melodrama, Kunstfilm … Continue Reading

9 July – 28 September Cyclope is playing in Basel, Switzerland! Tickets and info at www.cyclope2014.ch

April/May Cyclope show is in Winterthur, Switzerland until end of May, don´t miss it! Tickets and info at http://www.cyclope2014.ch/

January 2014 Rehearsals in Winterthur, Switzerland, for the Cyclope show! The premiere is 27th of February, info and tickets here: http://www.cyclope2014.ch/

December 2013 13 Lucia Celebration at Solliden, Skansen 19:00 Handbalancing with choir Radio Kören 18 Gynoïdes Project Show at KTH … Continue Reading