Manda is a Swedish circus artist specialized in aerial hoop, aerial rope and handbalancing. At  17 years of age she got her first contract as an aerial acrobat in the jazz opera “Porgy&Bess” and since then she continued to perform in circus productions, art collaborations and commercial events around the world. She combined her aerial career with developing a second dicipline, handbalancing, which she went to study both at the State Circus School in Kiev and Codarts Dance University in Rotterdam.

Previous work include shows like “Versus” at Chamaleon Theatre in Berlin, “ID” Cirque Eloize, “Wear it like a crown”  Cirkus Cirkör, “Cyclope”  MAAG Entertainment, “Limits” Cirkus Cirkör, “Gynoïdes Project”  Cirkus Perspektiv, “Maskarade” at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen.  She also performed and created tailor made acts for companies like Red Bull, Rotary, Watermill Center, Lars Von Trier and Chicago Bulls.




18+19 Outlines Face First Dieselverkstaden 

Tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.se/search?keyword=outlines


2 Cirkus Elvira’s JULCIRKUS, 13:00 & 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 

1 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 13:00 & 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 


30 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 

29 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 

28 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 13:00 & 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 

27 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 13:00 & 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall 

26 Cirkus Elvira´s JULCIRKUS, 16:00 Konsertteatern Sundsvall  

18 OUTLINES Face First, Väven, Umeå

17 OUTLINES Face First, Väven, Umeå


28 OUTLINES Face First Company, 15:00 Ytterjärna Kulturhus 

27 OUTLINES Face First Company 19:00 Ytterjärna Kulturhus 


Analog The Company “FINALE” Germany Tour:

12 Lingen

13 Ahaus

14 Wolfsburg

15 Stade

21 Itzehoe

22 Recklinghausen

23 Pirmasens

24 Ravensburg


3 SITE Festival, TOMRUM Live and showing of the film TOMRUM by Face First Company


26 BLUSH Face First Company, Långholmen

25 BLUSH Face First Company, Sätra

24 BLUSH Face First Company, Sköndal

JULY  2021

30 Face First Company “Outlines”

17 :00 &  19:00 Galärparken

1, 2 Analog the company “Finale” Saint Etienne, France

JUNE 2021

24,25,26 Analog the Company OPENING, Azyl78, Prague 

February 2020Mars 2020

7 “Outlines”  Face  First Company 19:30 Södra Teatern, Stockholm

January 2020February 202

4-5 Finale at Stora Teatern Göteborg


December 2019

5 Face First presents a 20min extract from the show “Outlines” at Ytterjärna Kulturhus

November 2019

1 SEMAPHORE 15:00 Trixfestivalen, Västerås

5 Finale – Analog the Company Drammen, Norway

8-9 Finale – Analog the Company Notteroy, Norway

11 Finale – Analog the Company, Arendal, Norway

13 Finale – Analog the Company, Stavanger, Norway

15 Finale – Analog the Company, Haugesund, Norway

23 Frank Martini Party of the Century at Post Hotel, Gothenburg


October 2019

3 Sneakpeak of new production “Outlines” by Face First Company, more info soon

9 Mahika Productions – Velvet Sideshow Louis De Geer, Norrköping 

19 Frank Martini Party of the Century, Stadshuset Sundsvall (sold out) 

28-31 SEMAPHORE 13:00 Trixfestivalen, Västerås


September 2019

13 Cirkör Event

18 Mahika Productions Event, Stockholm

26 Event, Karlstad