My soloshow “Semaphore” premiered at Ytterjärna Kulturhus 6th December 2018 after having a residency in “LABBET” at Cirkus Cirkör.

“A semaphore is a sign wich is put on islands at sea, that you can turn and adjust so it reflects lights seen by the ships; sending a signal that you are there, waiting for them. And they should stop by and pick you up. We can have a coffee. This show is inspired partly from audience all over the world, always asking questions after the show, wanting to know more. Thinking contortion is a magic trick that can be revealed. How, why, isn´t the body breaking, can you fall? So here it is. More! The other part is me, simply wanting to share a moment with you, set behind and on stage, and somewhere between.”

Lenght: 40min

Age: all ages