December 2013
13 Lucia Celebration at Solliden, Skansen 19:00
Handbalancing with choir Radio Kören

18 Gynoïdes Project Show at KTH Reaktor Hallen 13:30 Contortion

21 Isen Brinner at Solliden, Skansen 16:00 Hoop and Handbalancing together with Opera Singer. The show also includes magic, fire, tightwire walking and singers with live band! There is also ice sculpturing going on before the show from 10:00 and you will be able to see the art pieces on stage and outside

31 Performance at New Year Party, it´s unfortunatly very sectret what and where, but I can say it´s gonna be a Really cool venue in Stockholm, might see you there!! ;)

Wow this been an interesting year, see you on the other side! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!