December 2014

18 Circusarts Event, Stockholm

17 Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm

13 Wear it like a Crown Event with Cirkus Cirkör in Stavanger, Norway

6 Cirkus Cirkör Event in Stavanger, Norway

November 2014


29 Desperados Wildest Night, Kalmar, Handbalancing & Contortion

28 Desperados Wildest Night, Linköping, Handbalancing & Contortion

27 Desperados Wildest Night, Uppsala, Handbalancing & Contortion

21 Metropol Palais, Stockholm, Handbalancing Act


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6 Fotografiska Museet and Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelse, Handbalancing Act and Contortion with Cirkör Event

And what also happened is the filming of a commercial that I will post as soon as it´s out :)

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